October 2016

  • The research held within the project was promoted at the European Conference on E-learning, Praque, Czech Republic.
  • The research was promoted at Gdansk University of Technology, Seminar of Department of Software Engineering

September 2016

  • The research held within the project has been promoted at the Federated Conference on Compuer Science, Gdańsk, Poland
  • Task 2 was formally finished:
    • development of Algorithm 1 – sentiment analysis algorithm based on text mining and lexicons,
    • development of Algorithm 2 – sentiment analysis in text, rule-based,
    • aquisition of two lexicons for task2: NAWL-PL, ANPW

June 2016

  • The research held within the project has been promoted at the Virtual University Conference, Warsaw, Poland.
  • Experiments on Emotion Monitor are finished so far. Next are planned in September.

May 2016

  • Activity on creation of an affect-tagged lexicon SentiD is in progress. Please refer to SentiD subpage for details. Please participate in lexicon building – fill in a questionnaire!
  • Experiments are held on emotion recognition in educational processes on Emotion Monitor stand. If you are in Gdańsk and have an hour to spare – feel invited to participate.

March 2016

  • We have completed research within Task 1. Main results comprise:
    • Evaluations of emotion recognition methods, while applied in e-learning environments (experimental and questionaire-based)
    • Definition of a set of criteria for choosing emotion recognition solutions: availability of input channel, susceptibity to noise, compatibility with effective emotional activations model, accuracy in certain context, disturbance (interference with educational process) are among most important criteria.
    • Proposal of AFFINT process to design affective interventions and to select affect recognition solutions.
    • The AFFINT process description is prepared as a separate file (you are free to use it): Go to download

January 2016

December 2015

  • The publication on AFFINT process has been accepted for publication in Interacting with Computers journal.

September 2015

  • Project was promoted at the following conference: International conference on Affective Computing and Intelligent Interaction (ACII), Xi’an, China, 21-24.09.2015;
  • Project was promoted at the following conference: Federated Conference on Computer Science and Information Systems (FedCSIS), Łódź, Poland, 14-16.09.2015;

July 2015

  • We have started Task 3 on verification of the new emotion recognition algorithms accuracy.

June 2015

  • Project was promoted at the following conference: National Conference Virtual University (VU), Warsaw, Poland, 24-25.06.2015.
  • We have started Task 2 on design and implementation of new algorithms for sentiment analysis from text and on Polish dictionary on affect-annotated words, SentiD.
  • SentiD dictionary creation page was launched and first data are gathered. You are welcome to participate in the study: Go to SentiD dictionary

April 2015

  • Contract was signed and the AFFITS project research has started at Gdansk University of Technology
  • We have started Task 1 on verification of selected known emotion recognition algorithms in order to assess their accuracy and applicability in e-learning context.